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Our website is a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website which can sell any of the products. We will customize the website according to the customers. We are selling because we hav made it JUST FOR FUN! and the thing which made us was awesome. We will provide you 1 month support. Some Features of the website is given below * Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website * Vendors Will get their Unique URL like: Vendors Shop name= India, Then URL will be * Vendors can create stores on Website.They can also upload their Banner and Store Proflie Picture. * Vendors will get their own dashboard. * Vendors will get their Monthly weekly and daily reports. * Vendors can easily see their orders and process them. * Admin can put a flat commission on vendors products. * Vendors can add/remove their products. *Vendors can create their own COUPONS. *Vendors will able to see their reviews on their dashboard. * Vendors can create variety of products with diffrent variants and set their price diffrent. * Vendors can easily make a request to Withdraw their money. Admin will set the minimum withdrawal limit. * Vendors will also have the feature of staff management. *Vendors can also find which customer is following his store. * Vendors can also set their payment method. * Vendors will also be alble to set their shipping methods. * Vendors will be able to link their social media accounts with which customers can follow them. *** Features that users will get*** * User can design their own Personalized products like Tshirts, Caps, Hoodies, Shirts, Mugs etc. * users will get more than 3000 pre-defined templates. *User will able to follow their favorite store. * user will able to add a note will placing a order. * users will able to get the wallet features. * users will able to Explore many more thing. Any other queries? feel free to call us on +91 700 48 444 06



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