Freelancer Sites Policy

Freelancer Sites (also known as since July 1 2014) is a part of the Freelancer website where Sellers may list for sale products such as websites, applications and domain names ("Products"). You must have a Freelancer User account to buy or sell on Freelancer Sites. You are bound by the terms of the Freelancer User Agreement and the Freelancer Privacy Policy which apply to Freelancer Sites. Additionally, you must abide by the following rules when using Freelancer Sites.

Freelancer Sites Rules

Products are listed as auctions and may feature a Buy It Now option (see below for details). Sellers can choose any listing duration between 3 days and 21 days ("Listing Duration").

Rules for Sellers:

Freelancer is not an auctioneer, you are conducting the auction on your own behalf. You are entering into a binding contract with the winner of your auction. For this reason you must not advertise your Product auction anywhere else for the entire duration of the auction. Sellers must own the Intellectual Property in the Product they are selling and have the right to sell it. When a website is sold to a Buyer all related components must be transferred to the Buyer. Sellers may offer Products for sale by way of Standard Auction or Appraisal Auction and, if choosing Standard Auction also have the option of upgrading their listing to include a 'Buy It Now' fixed price feature on their listing.

Standard Auction:

Sellers chooses a reserve price (the minimum for which they would sell the Product). Generally the bidding will start at a lower amount than the reserve although this is up to the Seller since they can decide the starting bid amount (Minimum is USD $1). The amount of the reserve is not shown on the website but the words "Reserve not yet met" may appear on the listing until the bidding goes beyond the reserve price. At the end of the Listing Duration, provided that the winning bid exceeds the reserve price, the Product will automatically be sold to the winning bidder and the handover process will take place.

Appraisal Auction:

No reserve is set. Bids are still binding on the Buyer. At the end of the Listing Duration the Seller has 7 days to decide whether to accept or reject the winning bid. If accepted the Buyer and Seller will proceed to the handover process.

Buy It Now Upgrade feature:

Seller can choose to add a 'Buy It Now' upgrade to a Standard Auction listing. The Seller will set a Buy It Now price which will be displayed on the listing. If a Buyer offers the Buy It Now price for the Product then the Seller has 3 days to decide whether to accept or reject the Buyer offer. If the Buyer chooses to accept the offer then the listing will end and the Buyer and Seller will proceed to the handover process. If the Seller rejects the offer then the listing will continue until the earlier of another offer being accepted or the end of the Listing Duration. The auction will continue to run whilst the Seller considers any offers.

Rules for Buyers:

All offers and bids must be submitted through the Website. You acknowledge that when you make any bid or offer to purchase, including Standard Auction, Appraisal Auction and Buy It Now offer you are making a binding offer to purchase the Product. If you are the winning bidder you automatically enter into a binding agreement to purchase the Product at the winning bid price and you will proceed to the handover process. You will be required to pay for the Product at this time. See below for details.

Fees and Payments for Products:

The Fees for Freelancer Sites can be found on the Fees and Charges page. Freelancer requires you to make all listing related payments to Freelancer and to make payments to and accept payments from other Users in the purchase and sale of Products on Freelancer Sites directly through the mechanisms available on the Site. If the amount payable for the Product you have purchased is US$500 or more then you must use wire deposit to deposit the funds into your Freelancer Account. If the amount payable for the Product that you have purchased is less than USD$500 then you may use any of the accepted payment methods to pay through your Freelancer Account.

Feedback for Freelancer Sites:

Your Freelancer feedback profile will display your feedback related to Freelancer Sites separately.

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