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Bid Upgrades

We have three bid upgrades you can choose from to get the employers’ attention and for a higher chance of winning projects.



Sponsor my Bid


Pin your bid on top of the bid list for the employers to see immediately. Each project only allows one sponsored bid, which means that it is on a first come, first served basis.


You can sponsor your bid for 0.75% of your bid amount or $4.99 USD (whichever is higher), for a maximum of $19.99 USD.



Highlight my Bid


The Highlight bid upgrade makes your bid stand out from the list of bidders as it will be highlighted in yellow. Upgrading only costs $1 USD.



Expert Guarantee


With the Expert Guarantee bid upgrade, you guarantee your commitment and services to the project to its completion. You can upgrade your bid by depositing at least $2 USD but not less than 2% of your bid.


Unlike the other bid upgrades, Expert Guarantee is refundable. Read more about Expert Guarantee here.



When are the bid upgrades available?


As each project only allows one sponsored bid, you can only opt to Sponsor My Bid on projects that do not have a sponsored bid yet.




You can only choose the Highlight My Bid and Expert Guarantee upgrades on projects that have a sponsored bid.


You can still Sponsor or Highlight your bid even after it is placed.


On the Proposals tab of the project's page, click Edit to update your bidOnce you are done editing your bid, click Update bid.



Note: The bid upgrades are set in USD regardless of the currency of the project budget. The bid upgrade fees are non-refundable.



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