Zenlips, bringing lips into focus.

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Zen is a form of meditation with a focus on the mindful awareness of the present moment. In common lexicon, the phrase \"being zen\" or \"having a zen attitude\" has come to mean viewing life calmly with equanimity. By this definition, being Zen is about doing right for the mind, body, and soul.\nZenlips would offer a lipstick in line with Zen teachings and lifestyle.  The ability to market a line called Zenlips is almost effortless, just use all the Zen teaching on the packaging or commercials. The demographic age target would be women from 16 to 50, a huge market.\nI have it parked in Namecheap so the easy way if you win is to open a free Namecheap account and I will \"push\" it into your account after payment clears.  Check out my domain catalog here on Flippa  several quality domains to choose from.\nDomain Only\



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