Women's Healthcare of Morgantown

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Hi, I am selling my huge Aged website There a unique domain name and content with auto income to make money with Adsense. Due to age, the website is well valued on the Internet (about $900 - $1100) and will only grow in price. So it's no doubt a good investment (Experienced webmasters well know this). Website topic: Medical Woman's health care blog and service. Good for any Medical affiliates programs. Website age: Rare website with age of 21 years old. Website traffic: It's generates about 35-50 visitors daily or 1200 visitors/Mo from search engines. This web site has never had a google analytics counter, so google analytics data starts only from February 7, 2019. Website revenue: This web site was never monetized, I installed only Google Adsense on February 14, 2019. From 14 to 28 February, the income from Adsense was $ 7.5 (this is 14 days). I guess that the average monthly income is more than $ 20 from Adsense. Make money with any affiliates program you want. One investment in this website will give you a lifetime income. There is no need to do anything on this website It ranks well in search. Just sometimes update with new content to get more traffic from the web. Why am I selling this website?: For one year I have been working on my main project, which requires large investments. For today I have been a little out of the budget, for this I have to sell some of my small projects to proceed. Financials: Just Web hosting and domain per year about: $15-20 no other expenses.


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