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So let's get to the point straight away. You have an opportunity in hand where you don't need to spend 10s of 1000s of $$$ to start earning $100 a day. About Website: URL: Visitors: 50K Unique Pageviews: 120K Revenue: $7,000 (monthly avg.) (see screenshots) Net profit: $3,000 (see screenshots) ----- ---------------- 100% Secure Transaction through ---------------- 1- You will pay the amount to escrow. 2- We shall give you a trial of 2 sales. 3- Login to your OWN affiliate account 4- Verify the commissions 5- Release the escrow FAQs How site makes money? Site makes money by affiliate sales of new hosting accounts Where is traffic coming from? Our top resources are 1- Media buying (buysellads and 2 other) 2- Email newsletters 3- PPC 4- Secret for buyer only You can get full fledged training from us to maintain advertising accounts yourself OR We can do it for you, and we shall split the profits when you get paid from network ----------------------------- SCREENSHOTS --------------------------------- 1- - No commission in April :( 2- - Got 3$ in May :) 3- - Selected 4- - Commissions in June 5- - Commissions in July 6- - Commissions in August



$ 7,000
$ 4,000


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