Fully automated dropshipping business that sells all types of drones, RC toys and gadgets

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Short description This is a dropshipping business running on WordPress that sells all types of drones, RC toys and gadgets, so it creates revenue by selling products. It’s fully functional and I have been dedicating a lot of time to the design, so it’s very esthetic, modern and responsive on all devices. Why am I selling it? I initially created the website for myself started the business because I had free time on my hands, but since I landed a new contract with another company, I don’t have time at all to run a parallel business, that’s why I’m selling it. What’s included in the sale? It includes the fully configured store with its theme design, the hosting and domain, multiple premium plugins, around 80 edited products with descriptions and images, the suppliers who were picked thoroughly based on their high score and responsibility, the Facebook and Instagram accounts with their followers, full 24/7 customer support, and the mail account which has a lot of information and tips on how to run a dropshipping business. How can you keep the business working? The business is already running and you don’t need much experience to work with it, it’s fully automated with the Alidropship premium plugin, which is connected to Aliexpress and it auto-updates all products. You only have to manage the ad campaigns, add products if you want, and fulfill the orders from the customers. How can the future owner generate more revenues? To grow the business, you have to take care of the marketing side like creating ads in Facebook or your social platform of preference and by adding new products to the line.




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