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The Pro Athletes provides Top Rated Fitness Product Reviews, Buying Guides and price comparison to help you reach and exceed your fitness goals! The Site is built in August 2017 and it continues its contribution in the field of sports and fitness, my main reason to sell this website is time, I could not put enough time in it, the site has potential to earn from $1,000 to $10,000 per month if run by right blogger, the site is authority and it has a lot of potentials to generate/add up to 100 - 200 fitness product reviews articles, basically it's a complete fitness niche site What is included in the sale? Along with a complete website, already include one of the best WordPress theme(Betheme) and Amazon affiliate premium plugin(EasyAzon) for link localization. What is required to keep the business operational? A website is already Earning all you need to build more links and put more content to gain more and more traction. Why are you selling the business? I am busy building other projects and I could not give proper time to this website to generate more links and put more contents How does the business generate revenue? Currently, the Main Source of Revenue is Amazon. However, a new owner can display ads and earn through different advertising Programs. Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Apart from hosting, there is no expense currently, but you can invest in SEO and put more content into it. What have marketing initiatives been used for this business? Purely SEO and social media sharing, building some backlinks with Outreach. How can the future owner improve the business? The future owner can put more content as the niche is broad and the site can become an authority in the niche, along with content owner should also build backlinks to grow traffic to maximize the site revenue.


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