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Drop-Shipping Store + Instagram Account & Facebook Page - THE FINE MAN/THEFINEMAN.COM If you have ever wanted to try out drop-shipping with Shopify, this is your chance! This website has all the necessary tools built in for your success and all the hard work is all done for you and comes with a ready made active Instagram account THEFINEMANSHOP@ and we’re offering 2 FREE MONTHS of marketing services to help you get started. What is Included With The Sale of This Store? - Shopify Store Website - Active Instagram Account with Real Followers: @THEFINEMANSHOP - Pre-Made Logo - Domain Name: THEFINEMAN.COM (FIRST YEAR PAID FOR) - Facebook Page - Email Account - 2 FREE Months of marketing services (See Below) Website/Store Features: - Oberlo Automated Order Fulfillment - Advanced Instant Search - Countdown Clock on Product Pages - SEO Optimized Product Pages and Images (Alt tags, file names, etc) - Live Sales Notification Pop-Ups (“Sales Pop”) - Ability to Send Push Notifications to Visitor’s Phones/Desktops - Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery Sequence What Are the Marketing Services Included? Included with the sale of this website we’re offering 2 free months of social media marketing services on Instagram to grow your following and generate sales to get you started. We’ll target followers of similar accounts and engage with their accounts to attract them to yours. This is the same method we’ve used to grow the account(s) to 26 existing followers and generate sales for our other websites. What Are The Operational Costs & Overhead - Shopify Subscription: $29/mo (+ Any Addition App/Plugin Fees) - Domain Name From GoDaddy: $12/yr - Varying and Option Ad Spend (Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ad Words, Influencer Marketing etc): $? - Inventory: $0 (All products are individually drop-shipped from Aliexpress suppliers requiring no inventory or other overhead costs) Profit Margins Products in this store have an average markup of over 150% and include free drop shipping from all suppliers. Who Can Run This Business? Anyone from beginners to experts can jump right into this and run this type of business with a couple hours of work per week (if that). All orders and order fulfillment is mostly automated using the Oberlo app and Shopify Payments (via Stripe) transfers profits every 24-48 hours. Other options including PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay are also available. Why Are You Selling This Business? I am a Shopify partner and serial ecommerce entrepreneur. I build plug and play ready to go stores for aspiring entrepreneurs. I build stores and test them through various marketing strategies and our own social marketing system to make sure they’re profitable. This saves you from wasting weeks worth of time on market/niche research, finding products, building a store, designing a logo, automating order fulfillment, building social media accounts, etc. How Does This Business Generate Revenue? The business generates revenue through drop-shipping [INSERT PRODUCTS] from China via drop-ship distributors on Preferred payment method? I use Escrow ( for all my website transactions. It has a 2% credit card surcharge which is cheaper than PayPal's 2.9%.



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