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What is Superhits & How does it work? is a well established, profitable online business, A Growing Web traffic provider with Huge Potential Superhits sells traffic plans ranging from $49 - $999 USD. It is a easy to manage website and no technical background or coding skills required. What is included in the sale? Domain & Hosting Social Media Accounts Mobile App Source File PayPal Acccount with RDP Access Affiliate Admin Login All Official Emails Customer List Marketing Strategy Unlimited Post Sale Training What is required to keep the business operational? Customer order fulfillment, Managing customer queries. Income? Superhits generates around on avg $7,000 p/mo. (Kindly Check the Income Proof's in the Attachment's) Traffic? Superhits generates around 10,000- 30,000 visitors per month. Why am i selling the business? I am working on offline project, I will use the funds for my offline project , I am willing to sign a non-compete agreement. How does the business generate revenue? Traffic plan sales, Customer payments are accepted via PayPal. Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Domain & Hosting renewal Mailbox renewal Marketing expenses (Please note: No renewal costs to the new buyer for 1 year) How can the future owner improve the business? Regular marketing implementation, follow up with customer queries will retain existing customers as well as attract new customers. Download payment option available Interested Buyers Please Email me at Thank you


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