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Low reserve price auction! Smartlivrofx - A 1 year old website with all features needed for starting up an investment company. No need for coding or re-writing. Highly Customized Key Highlights User and Admin friendly 1 year domain is already allocated to it Unique Content Highly customizable Buying the site make it easy for you to start off your work without hassle Free customization if need be [Depending on the customization] Operations This business is fairly new with no real customer. The site and the domain is what is available for sale. Although the site has some very good traffic come into it, but no real transaction has taken place. Website Features: 1. Responsive theme - The site adjusts itself to fit the screen on any device. 2. High CTR design - The ads are well placed to ensure a high click through rate. 3. SEO Optimized. - All post URLs are SEO friendly. 4. Easy to use user dashboard. - You can easily add to or make adjustments to the site. What else do I need to know? Domain: The domain is registered at Namecheap. I can quickly push it to your Namecheap account. The domain can be transferred to a non-Namecheap account but your registrar may charge a fee. To transfer to Namecheap is free. Opening a Namecheap account is also free. Transfer: I have a quick and easy way to allow you to transfer the site, but if you're not reasonably technically inclined I can do it for you. Keep in mind this is not a starter site. Like many starter sites, the content and design are not unique, and copies of the site will be sold under a different domain name. Please take a long look at the site and make sure this is something you want to buy. There are no refunds for buyer's regret. Questions? Please PM or comment with any questions. Note: This website is sold as-is. I do make design changes to the site after the sale based on my discretion. SUMMING UP: This is a great opportunity for someone who wants an investment site that requires very little work. ********************************************************************* if you want to contact me via mail you can reach me at maroswaga @ gmail dot com or ou can drop your mail in the discussion box like 'example @ gmail dot com'


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