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Description is a health website including topics like general health conditions, home remedies, skin care, women's health and such. The monthly revenue is low right now when compared to the asked price. However, this website was earning $1500 a month in the past with ads and the traffic was huge (I can show the proofs of both). Both traffic and revenue dropped due to the long-time inactivity of the website. Even now it's generating traffic and it's very easy to make the website gain that huge traffic again. There are 300 high quality and long health articles on the website under 5 main caregories and many of them have their pins for Pinterest. The website is on for almost 5 years and the domain authority is 35. Maybe it seems too much to ask for the price but there is a huge potential as long as you are willing to take care of this website. Frequent updating and adding new content (like 2-3 articles per week) and doing some promoting would help the traffic grow again. The main traffic is Pinterest and search engines. Pinterest account is also included in the price and the account has 5000 followers as well as a group board with 100000 followers in the same topic (health and well-being). Normally I wouldn't sell my 5 year old hard-work, but I can no longer find time to take care of it. I feel like I'm going to regret for selling it :)



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