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I am selling a site I set up about a year ago as part of a marketing class by Eric James. I didn't follow through on it because I began building and selling a physical product that is keeping me busy. If you like dogs, especially pugs, you can build a nice mailing list and market stuff like tee shirts and amazon products. The leads come from a Facebook page, which I am including: The images I post are right off of Google Images and some get submitted by Facebook followers. I really think you could make some money with this funnel and have a good time doing it. I know Eric was selling his FB/website sales funnels just like this one for 3k each. I don't expect to get anything close to that here, just a fair price for all the work that went into it. I have several files, like pics to post, puzzles and such. I can push the domain for you at Namecheap without a charge. If you use a different registrar then you would need to pay the transfer fee. The site is Wordpress. If you don't know how to set it up I can help you there too. Feel free to ask me any questions. This is going to be a great deal for someone interested in a home business.



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