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I'm selling my online guitar store, which has made me over $9,000 in revenue within 4 months. 1 - About the Store Most of the products on the store are hot selling guitar accessories and gadgets, all of which have been well researched and tested before uploaded onto the website (You will get the full list of suppliers after purchase, and contact information of our major suppliers). You will also receive a list of potential products that you can sell for high margins. 2 - Business Model is a hybrid store. All products are first drop shipped to see if they would sell. And because you don't have to store any inventory with a dropshipping model, you can cut down cost and test the products at low budget. After a product shows some potential to become a hot-selling product, that is when you can buy it in bulk and ship it out yourself. This will effectively reduce cost per item and increase your profit margin. 3 - Monetization The website makes money every time a customer makes a purchase. Each product typically costs between $5-15, and can be sold for around $15 up to $40, which is 2x or 3x the cost. This will leave you a comfortable margin to cover your advertising cost, especially if you are running Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. 4 - Marketing - Approximately 70% of the traffic comes from social media. I will guide you through Facebook targeting strategies that you will be able to use to push targeted traffic to the store (Potential ROI: 300%). Furthermore, you will get our Facebook Pixel with 5-month value of data. - And about 30% comes from email marketing. The sales mostly come from returning customers. - You will get abandoned cart recovery email template that has a recovery rate of 20% (The average recovery rate for other Shopify stores is 7%) 5 - Future Opportunities Because most of the traffic comes from Facebook and email marketing,  there are numerous other marketing strategies that you can implement to drive targeted traffic to the store, for example SEO, Google Adwords, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. The sky is the limit. 6 - Time Requirement to Keep the Business Operational The expected amount of time to work on the web store is approximately 4 hours per day, which means you will only need to put in 28 hours of work each week. However, if you want to grow the store fast, you should expect to work 1-2 extra hours per day. Most of the time is spent on doing product research, customer service, and order fulfillment. However, if you are already familiar with all those tasks or you decide to delegate them, it would take a lot less time to work on the store. 7 - Why Should You Buy It? - You will get a full list of suppliers and great potential products that are not yet published on the online store. - You will get our list of more than 300 customers that love the brand. - I will give you some pointers on how you can grow the store, and some great Facebook strategies to advertise it (that is if you need it of course) 7 - Post-Sale Support I'll be happy to provide 14 days of after sale support & training to ensure that you are able to fully take over the website and there is a smooth transition. 8 - Why Is the Business Being Sold? I know what you are thinking: if the store is so successful, why am I selling it? I initially started the store to help other guitarists like me to get their hands on great accessories and equipment at reasonable prices, because I hated it when it would usually cost me an arm and a leg to buy those products for my guitars. It's really a shame I have to sell the store, but I'm currently focusing on building my online guitar course, and I won't have the time to develop it anymore. I would hate to see the store die, so my best option is to sell it.


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