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A business which has a potential to earn millions. Almost everyone owns or knows someone who owns a pet or multiple pets. This store focuses on individuals who own a pet. Things that you will get along with this deal: 1) Domain and Hosting for a year. 2) Well developed admin back end with all necessary functionalities. 3) A Premium theme. 4) Unique designing and Content. 5) One Month support to help you out with any issues/problems you face. 1. Seller Bio I am a digital entrepreneur. I research the market and look for profitable businesses that can do well on the internet. 2. Executive Summary The store focuses on individuals who own a pet and allows them to buy products for their pets from a reliable source. Pet owners are concious about their pets and spend a decent amount of money to maintain and groom their pets. 3. Highlights The store is unique in itself as there are not a lot of stores who specifically offer products for pets hence making it an interesting niche to work in. Unique store with Unique products. Poteantial to taget millions of Pet Owners 4. Operations The primary operations of the store include the fulfillment of the products when a buyer purchases a product. Along with that updation of inbuilt blog is a good way to enaage your customers to long term business. Adding new products which will give pet owners to choose from a variaty of products. 5. Customers Every pet owner is a potantial custoemr of the business. Almost 68% population of America owns a pet. On an average a pet owner spends almost $1200 on their pet in 1 year. There are 80 million pet owners in Eruope alone. This is a simple overview of the target market. Within the coming years these number are expected to grow significently hence increasing the business as well. 6. Financials The store has the potential to grow every year as there is a significent increase in the number of pet owners every year. The pet industry is almsot a 90 Billion dollar market around the globe. With the right marketing the store has the potential to earn decent amount of money.



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