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Topic: Healthy food blog from a nutrition coach. Healthy tips, popular recipes, products reviews. Age: 6 years Monthly users: 1900 Earnings per month: $8.5 Number of articles: 41 The blog has a good perspective due to the current situation with covid. Cooking at home is a strong trend because of the lockdowns around the world. People don’t go to restaurants and cook themselves. Also the healthy food trend is becoming more popular. The topic is quite a narrow niche, so it is easier to be ranked by Google. You may create new content daily: healthy recipes, healthy tips, product reviews, restaurant reviews etc. It is a reasonable choice if you are looking for stable, well-established traffic. User friendly, Google loveable website. There is a very good potential for growth of revenue, from current $8.5 to much higher figure. Please, feel free to ask for access to the Google Analytics data and get answers to any questions!




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