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Description is an established subscription-based SaaS traffic advertising business with ‘Guaranteed net profit of $5,000/month’. How does the business make money? The business makes money through monthly, annual and custom subscription fee to customers and resellers. What is included with the business sale? a) Domain b) Hosting account c) Relevant email accounts d) Social media accounts e) Ad Partner contact f) Customer and Reseller lists g) Marketing strategy and Post sale training Why am i selling this business? The reason why I am selling the business is because I am looking to devote my time and resources to other projects. Who would this business be perfect for? Anyone who is looking for an amazing return on their investment.The business is simple and straight-forward and needs minimal effort from the owner to keep producing profits. It doesn't require any previous experience and coding knowledge. (Beginner Friendly) The running costs are very very low and almost 90% of the revenue is profit. Financials, P&L and Traffic statistics will be shared with the Interested Buyers. Interested Buyers, contact us at



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