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Description is an idea created by me which provides a platform for students and teachers to share knowledge and study notes and materials across the globe with in students and teachers community. It's an online collaborating platform where selling students can upload material and buying students can buy them instantly using paypal account. How does the business generate revenue? 2 ways of monetization: Monetized through adsense and Students upload notes to the website for other students to download for a fee. Notesginie received 30% of the commission and the student that uploaded the content receives 70%. This margin split can easily be changed to fit your desired business model. What is required to keep the business operational? No maintenance needed and can be run while sitting at home. All the buying and selling is done by students using digital platform. The site has been fully developed with students already started making footprint and uploading notes and downloading them around the globe. Almost 5-10 daily signups regularly and with attractive user experience students are tempted to upload and download notes. Buyer only needs to focus on any desired custom content for the site as well as marketing and promote and ensure students are aware of the site. Social media accounts have been created (Instagram and Twitter, but no marketing or advertising has been performed.) What is included in sale? • Full front end and backend code/ scripts • Domain name and everything required to maintain the site along with hosting. • social media accounts which includes twitter and instagram handled @notesginie • All the content so far uploaded by the users and users stored in the database. Financials February earnings from adsense - 5$ and 10$ from notes sold Technology Stack • Php and MySQL language. Entire platform developed using custom code and no out of the box product used. • Hosted on Hostgator hosting solution. How can the future owner improve the business? Simply market the business to students, create a chat community to make this a more collaborative crowd-source service, expand the business model into other services (i.e. tutoring, webinars, etc.). I tried to also emphasize the need for professional development (i.e. certification study guides) so that this goes beyond the target market of traditional students. Note: for some reason google analytics is not visible. if need to check that - please reach out to me and I can send current screenshot or give user access




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