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The project I am selling is a fully functional online marketplace website with many customized features to make the customer as well as the vendor experience very special, easy, and unique. 1. Seller Bio I am Hazem, the founder of this Project (MyKoshok), an Industrial Engineer specialized in Supply Chain Management with more than 4 years of extensive experience in the field of Supply and Demand Planning. 2. Executive Summary The idea of our project launched due to a need that we have witnessed in most start-ups businesses and the difficulties that come across their way during their journey in establishing their reputation in our local market. The solution we offer is simply in the form of Online Marketplace for vendors from all over the world to list their products and start selling in a very safe and friendly environment, along with many facilities provided to support their start-up business, mainly for hand crafters. A beta version has been launched locallty a year ago and some small revenues have been generated throughout, but the real purpose was to test and fix any issues before we go live to the world. And by the time we are here today with a very strong website built by an expert technical team. The business was aimed to generate revenue by several ways including; sales commisions, vendor subscriptions, and media ads. 3. Highlights I believe that this model of ecommerce busines is the most effective, as with huge number of inputs and listings from approved vendors from all over the world, you will end up having an ever scaling-up business with many attractive pool of products at one place, and one stop. What also I think gives an advantage to this kind of business is the ability of expanding the areas to be covered under the name of the brand title, from selling products, to offering online learning programs, to conducting physical workshops for locals. The website has been tested in the area of Art mainly, and only in the local country of Jordan, while the real opportunity lies in the stage of taking it global with many active departments of products. 4. Operations Another strenght point in the model here is that you can control the workflow with minimal efforts as everything is communicated throught the website, from order details, in items, values, qunaities, to delivery full details for the 3PL shipping company. Every entity in the system (Customer/ Vendor/ Delivery Company) has a unique dashboard that shows the needed information to keep their business running smoothly with ease and full visibility. Operating such kind of website will not take so much just to follow up with everything and be of support to any questions or concerns, while this will depend also on the traffic and the amount of transactions made. 5. Customers Targeted customers profile can be very wide, considering the fact of the increased shares of eCommerce on global trading over years against traditional brick and mortar store shopping. People from all over the world with internet access can be your customer if you provide a valuable content and interesting products for sale. 6. Financials The scalability of the business will definitely has its effect on the financial projection of the business, as if the business is well operated, the revenues can easily go in exponential trend for the first couple of years. I would highly advise anyone interested to get a considerable eCommerce financial literacy to have the mind open for the big opportunity that lies ahead of a successful online marketplace in this context. 7. Seller Notes My message here goes to interested buyers with big dreams, do assess the business of its great idea and implementation before minding the numbers acheived at start, to keep an eye on the opportunity of great growth and scale-up and try to maintain the continuous improvment way of thinking to reach for the ultimate goal. This project is almost there, and only needs someone to take it forward commercially right now!




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