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Personal growth/simple living blog w/ 30,000 monthly users and 3,500 email list

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1. OVERVIEW This is a personal growth and self-care blog with a focus on minimalist living offering original, high-quality content to its readers. It was launched in February 2017 as a side hobby and rapidly grew. It has over 30,000 unique monthly visitors, 3,500 email subscribers and 10,000 instagram followers. The website and its related assets are valued at $37,200. 2. ASSETS Single-word domain name: Professionally designed Squarespace website All blog content Content for included digital products Email subscriber list Customer list 3. STATISTICS 30,000 monthly visitors — 100% organic traffic from Google and Pinterest 3,500 email subscribers — with active website opt-ins and a welcome series 10,000 instagram followers — currently inactive but included in the sale 4. MONETIZATION Note that for the monthly projections we simply took the past year's earnings and divided by 12. We are specifically listing this website as an asset instead of a business because our monetization methods have been experimental and inconsistent. Nevertheless, we experimented with different means of monetizing the site and are including the results so you can fully evaluate its potential. e-Books Launched November 2018 5300 books downloaded $1200 earned (~$400/month) Listed on Amazon KDP Courses $12,000 earned to-date 5 online courses Available on and off since May 2017 Currently pausing new enrollees to redesign the course platform Sponsorships $6000 from one brand partnership including writing one blog post and several instagram posts. Advertising Given the high-quality traffic, there is an opportunity to tastefully incorporate ads and earn good revenue if you work with a premium ad network that offers tasteful ads and high RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions). We recently were accepted to a high quality ad networked called Mediavine. After assessing the blog income reports listed on their site, we believe this website could yield $25RPM unlocking an additional $750 in revenue per month. Note this figure is only an assumption based on the results published by other lifestyle blogs. 5. OPERATIONS Expenses It requires very little to maintain this blog. Monthly operating expenses are approximately $100 per month which includes the website host and other software. Effort It requires anywhere from 5-10 hours per week to run. Current business activities include: Writing content and sourcing imagery Creating and launching digital products Promoting content and products via email and social media Future business operations could include: Creating sponsored content Managing ad placements 6. VALUATION The estimated value of all assets is $37,200. Here is a breakdown: Courses have generated roughly $6,000 a year. We marked this figure up by 3x to account for the estimated future earnings by selling the same content and following my framework for the creation of additional courses. This figure is $18,000. Books have earned on average $400/month since launch in November 2018. We extrapolated that figure out to a year then marked it up by 3x to account for the estimated value of future earnings by obtaining full book rights. There is an opportunity to grow sales of the current set of books, build out the book series and sell foreign language rights. This figure is $14,400. We included an additional $6,000 to capture the value of the remaining assets that support the website and potential for earnings: domain name — estimated value of $1,000 email list — estimated value of $3,500 ($1 per subscriber) web design — estimated value of $1,500 We did not include one-time or assumed monetization tactics (such as earning $6,000 from a brand sponsorship). We deducted $1,200 in annual operating expenses required to run the site.


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