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The project is a mathematics solving chat-bot named Mathsend, it is capable of providing answers to numerical and symbolic expressions both simple and complex one through social media (currently telegram only)chat or the web platform. The user sends mathematical expressions to the Mathsend (say, differentiate(2cos(5x)+3x^6) or any of the supported numerous operations); then the bot responds within an average time of 0.02seconds. 1. Seller Bio EWETOYE IBRAHIM is currently an unemployed chemical engineering graduate who have now picked interest in programming . More about him can be found on LinkedIn: 2. Executive Summary The project was commenced few weeks before the end of my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) year, 2019, when I served as the Head of Department of Mathematics at a secondary school in Kebbi state, Nigeria. Mathsend makes mathematmatics, the most dreaded subject in the world, a fun experience as it assists both learners and experts to get immediate answer to their mathematical expressions. 3. Highlights Built with Python, the operations that it can currently execute are scarcely documented at I look forward to seeing a chat-bot that: 1. Can produce graphical results to any valid mathematical expressions that starts with "graph"; 2. Can produce tabular output for queries starting with "table"; 3. Can simulate some yet to defined mathematical models; 4. Teach and suggests textbooks on some mathematics topic; 5. Will be available on all social media platforms; 6. Will be linked to, from various mathematics related websites. I am selling the project because of lack of sponsorship and, being unemployed, I need to move on with life. . 4. Seller Notes Though , my intention is to sell it outright but I may be of help during the first few months after sales if any technical issues arise which may come at an additional price later. Going with this sale are: Website application ( Telegram chatbot ( Facebook page ( Instagram account (about 500 foLlowers)




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