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Drop shipping website with 2x profit, completely word search is done. Each and every product is added manually with proper tags, categories and keywords. Mail chimp and subscribe pop up message is also available. Fashion dropshipping website, Fully automated. No inventory. Passive income Dropshipping website. Fully automated. Passive income. This website has potential to generate 2x profit. No inventory. This website has already generated 450$ in just 2 days. 1000+ products added. Executive Summary Dropshipping fashion store. All work is done for you. Fully automated business. It's a women's fashion website. Major categories of products include clothes, handbags, heels and a lot more. This website has already generated 450$ revenue in just 2 days. Fully automated business. 1000+ products have already been added for you. No inventory is required. To increase you sales and revenue you can also add more products and categories. As new fashion products arrives on ali express you can add them on this website. Dropshipping only. Passive income. How This process will work? As you receive an order, you have to buy that product from aliexpress and ship it directly to the buyer. In return you will be able to make average 20$ profit per sale. Even in some cases you can earn 3x profit. So the whole process is fully automated. How you can increase sales? Create a Facebook and Instagram page and promote this website on these platforms. Don't worry! There is no need to spend more money on advertisement as this cost could be easily managed from the sales. Customers For re targeting customers mail chimp feature is also added you can easily do email marketing with the help of that. Seller's note If promoting is done nicely you will be able to make the cost you spend on this website in just 2 to 3 days. And after that you will a have a great developed business. As the business is fully automated it doesn't require much of your time



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