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Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel when burned with oxygen. It can be used in electrochemical cells or internal combustion engines to power vehicles or electric devices. It has been started to be used in commercial fuel cell vehicles such as passenger cars, and has been used in fuel cell buses for many years. It is also used as a fuel for the propulsion of spacecraft. Just this week, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded USD 38 million (EUR 33.4m) in funds to support 28 projects focused on new hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Over the coming years, as the fuel of the future is adopted by the masses, "Live Hydrogen" will be an important keyword. Don't believe me? Take two minutes of your time and do a google news search for hydrogen. Immediately you will see how topical this amazing fuel is! Buy this excellent domain today and rank your site early! Capitalize now while the competition is low!



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