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This website content could be viral in any possible point. The website are auto blog which get you content and picture by auto without need to manage. Completely AUTO! Hey all, it's Lim here. What is this blog? This is a Labrador Dog Blog, Labrador is a 1st top dog breed of Canada and U.S.A. People love dogs and it happen to be a passionate niche which traffic can go viral easily. What is autoblog? Autoblog simply defined as, hand-free the content will be automatically generated to your website without having to manage a thing. What is the potential of this blog? The potential of this blog is great, with the result of posting a couple of links on some social sites, it get a massive of 6,000 unique visitors across just 2 weeks of time. That simply mean it is widely accepted on the market. What are the majority of the visitors? According to StatCounter and Google Analytics, it hint that 75% of the traffic are mainly from U.S.A. How did you sell this website? I wanted to work on more project, like cat, puppies and niche, it need more cost to backup and I'm hoping to sell a higher price. How are you going to monentize this website? AdSense, CPM network, BuySellAds, Cost Per Action, Social Engagement. Do you have any report of your traffic stats? Yes, here's a live report from StatCounter. Or check the Attachment on the side of Flippa Why would I buy this blog? Why does it worth my money? Imagine if you have a blog that can last for 3 years with a stable volume of traffic. By then what would you fear of? Traffic is gold mine, free traffic are the pure gold mine. Is there any bonus with this? Yes here's are the options. If the auction ended above $60 - Free Labrador FB Page /w 9k fans, ( If the auction end above $80 - I will bring an extra of 1,000 FB Pages likes for the Labrador FB Page. If the auction ended above $100 - I will help manage and increase the traffic for the coming of 4 weeks. Let me know if you have any questions




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