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Description is a niche social network connecting students across universities. It is a space for students to start discussions, share notes/assignments, & list textbooks for sale What is included in the sale? Full front-end & back-end code/scripts (which can be built upon for further development) Legal Documents - Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy logo Domain name Everything required to maintain the website as is social media accounts facebook page : kwiknotes1, @kwiknotes77, and instagram : kwiknotesweb VPS Hosting server valid for next 10 months What is required to keep the business operational? All of the content on is provided by the users (i.e. documents, textbooks, tutors etc) so there is very little work required to keep the website operational. So long as the domain remains active, the website will run with no input required. The website can easily be migrated to another domain (e.g. .com) with no hassle and I can assist with this if desired. Why are you selling the business? I do not have the time to market the website properly. How does the business generate revenue? Currently, the website generates revenue via taking a 30% commission for notes/documents sold by students. There is plenty of potential for other revenue streams such as subscription fees, textbook/tutor listing fees and ad revenue. As the website grows, so to will the revenue possibilities. The website has been designed with ad placement in mind and ads can be implemented in the margins of the webpages without affecting usability.


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