1-year-old starter site in the keto food niche. Huge potential, premium original content, and more.

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We’re offering a Wordpress starter site in the keto niche. It’s primed with premium, SEO-driven content, and is ready to make you money! Our starter sites let you skip all the technical stuff, the setup, the “where to start” stuff, and the “nobody reads my blog” phase. This starter site is ready for you to add new content, run display ads, dive into affiliate marketing, or sell your own digital products. Katy’s Keto Kitchen is on a premium, brandable .com domain that has been around for about 18 months, so you’re ready to roll as soon as we complete the transaction and make the transition from us to you. This site is essentially a business in a box, ready for you to run with. Here’s what you get: 10 search engine optimized blog posts. (Value ~$1,500+) - Each blog post includes: --At least 1,000 words (mostly much more than this, depending on the topic) --Relevant internal links --Outbound links (where appropriate) --At least one premium stock photo (with SEO-driven alt tags) --Pinterest image --Social share image 10 Semi-exclusive recipes, with unique final images and shared in-process shots for each (Value: $350) Blogging and SEO Playbook - the first 6 months and beyond! (eBook) to really help you boost the growth of your niche site (Value: $200) Email Opt-In (Keto Foods Checklist/Cheatsheet) (Value: $100) 10 additional post setups in SurferSEO documents with post-level keyword research in place (Value: $200) Keyword research and competitor analysis with at least 100 post ideas (Value: $500) Wordpress website (Value: $500) Astra Pro (theme and addons) licence (Value: $50/year) Pretty Links (1 year) (Value: $79) Domain (1 year) (Value: $10) Hosting (1 year) (Value: $50) AmalinksPro (and Table Builder Add-on) (1 year) (Value: $67) Socials Total value: $3,550+ To fulfil its revenue potential, the site needs more high-quality content, info posts, and recipes. It also needs putting on an ad network like ezoic to get started with ad revenue, and posts needs affiliate links adding. The revenue potential of this site is limitless. With work, you have the opportunity to earn a solid 5 figures (or more) per month from a niche site. However, we never guarantee that you’ll make any amount of money from any site, because it all depends on how much work you put in, and how well you do with SEO. But if you’re not afraid of hard work and have the time and energy to devote to growing the site, the potential is limitless. Katy’s Keto Kitchen has well over 10,000 words of premium, human-written content (written by me and my partner). It’s a starter site so hasn’t been monetized apart from a few Amazon links, but has lots of genuine potential. There are plenty of products and programs within the ketogenic niche to promote, and you could easily create your own digital meal plans, subscriptions, and so on. Yes, there are some big players in this space, but there’s huge potential and thousands upon thousands of underserved keywords that you can rank for. So much so that I came very close to keeping this site in my core portfolio. But my wife pointed out that we don’t follow the ketogenic lifestyle and already have more than enough sites in our “to keep” stable haha. According to GSC, the site currently ranks for a little over 500 queries, and I expect that number to continue to climb over the next couple of months, as we’ve just published a few more (high-quality) posts.



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