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I took interest in drop shipping and started my own store. However, it is taking me more time than I can afford, since I have a daily job from 9 to 5 and afterwards I can't dedicate enough time to run it (set it up actually). It can be operated as-is, since it has around 190 stock items, however, I feel that it needs more stock to look like a larger business before going out full blast with advertising. This is a Dropshipping business, mainly selling dresses, although I have just introduced Bags too. I just import stock from Aliexpress to the website in an automated way, and I choose dresses which I find at very good prices, then it auto updates the stock and prices when there is a variation. When someone orders, I just click a button and it auto orders by itself. So the only work there is, is to choose dresses and add them to stock while fixing some details to make it look an original listing. It is based on wordpress. I have put countless hours setting it up. It has been live since September 2018. Can be operated from anywhere in the world and can target any country. Bought a countdown timer which should greatly improve conversion and there are other nifty tools which are pretty handy, such as: auto importation of reviews submitted on aliexpress, even with images. See the website itself : Highlights: Dresses are the most sold items on the internet, no question. I am based in Malta and work for a logistic company (imports). I can say with confidence that around 25 - 35 % of ALL imports are clothes, and among all clothes, dresses are the most imported. This statistic is probably about the same as most countries. In order to niche more the business, I chose dresses as the main area, which was and will always keep growing. Needless to say, advertising is everything so I believe that with some advertising this will grow into a large business. Operations It will take hours of work to choose and import products into the website, but once there is enough, it will take very little time to keep it going since it is automated. This will allow the owner to dedicate time advertising and replying to customers than managing stock itself. Customers will surely be females, and when I ran an advert (back in November I believe) targeting Maltese females I got a very interesting interest from females between about 24 to 37 years of age. Just for the record, it was a test to see who interests in the store, and it was just a 3 day with 3€ a day advert on facebook. I have sold 1 dress in that exercise, and this leads me to believe there is great potential in the store. Financials The requested price is just the price paid for the store (addons for operations mainly) + a very slight premium which is nowhere near to compensate for the work done. As a sidenote, the store is not seasonal, in that it can sell quite well in summer/autumn and there is always opportunity, be it Christmas, Black Friday etc. NO EXPENSES are involved apart from the price you pay for the item itself to be dropshipped, that is to mean that unlike shopify which has recurring fees whether you sell or not, this setup does not involve a single cent. The owner will take everything of course, including the domain, the website and all. I can help the new owner and show him/her how to operate the store if need be although it is very easy to do. This is the first time I am listing a website and I hope the new owner or anyone here knows about transferring this website on another hosting service, else it would be a problem as I am not very tech savy :o




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