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e Name Include Turnkey Reseller Website for high potentials on autopilot basic on wordpress platform. Rare name,include domains and hosting plans reseller website which doesn't need to pay anything ever,no success fee,no monthly fee,only hosting needs,and the domain renewals once per year. We are sell our very rare domain name include the turnkey website. The website is perfect for newbies because is not required to have any hosting resales knowledge,our professional support team reply to any support tickets have your customers,the replies is under your own website name.Also the invoices is on autopilot too and under your own website name. When you will buy the website you will get the domain name and backend access where you can manage your website as you like,the content,the images,logos,videos on the site,colors,prices and much more. Our reseller company will gives you wholesale prices in every selling item you have on your site,you are allowed to manage the retail cost on every item.So when one sale have be made the wholesaler keep the wholesale price automaticaly and the rest going to your account balance which is ready for cash out to your paypal. You never need to pay any success selling fee if any sales have be done on your site. You never have to pay any monthly fee in order to be reseller. The website is running under wordpress platform,so you need to have your own hosting. You never need to reply on any support ticket,our resellers company replies for you under your own name. Nobady know your login info,even the reseller company...only you is the persone who can access your backend and your wordpress site. Just get the website,promote it a little and then stay back and relax,the incoming it will came in autopilot to your paypal account. YOU’LL RECEIVE FROM US AFTER YOUR SUCCESS PAYMENT • Free push to Godaddy the domain name • Turnkey site in • The backend area where we have monetize the retail prices to 30% of profit,you can change it.You can change also the login informations where only you can access after the change the backend area of the site. The website files and theme. • Free Transfer and free 30 days support If you would like more information, please send us a message or give a public question before you bid. We accept Paypal Payment or Credit Cards Payment via Paypal Transaction. CONTACT INFO Name: Elektra Geronta I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about the selling site.Please first make your any questions if any before your bid. Good luck and happy bidding.



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