Amazon affiliate website mostly dealing with ELECTRONICS.

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Seller's Notes Why should buy this website for $799?? 1)Here have about 10 unique articles(contain about 20,000words) with SEO-friendly. 2)Used premium optimized theme. 3)Used premium Yoast SEO plugins. 5)5k visitors monthly without any backlink, paid boosting/ads. Add more articles and get more traffic. Why is great? 1)growbigoo is 15 characters or less. 2)This domain name contains popular keywords. 3)Includes Basic Privacy Protection. check the domain on GoDaddy What does your business do? Affiliate for Macbook, Dslr, Mobiles, Drones, Computers is highly opportunity for income passive income. Example: The only 'marketing' that has been done is a 1-unit giveaway. Now it it selling more than 1 units per day. Opportunities For every product sell you will get up to 15% commissions, That means if your sales price is $2500 for one MacBook. Your income for 1 product sell $2500*15% commissions= $375. If your sell only 5 product in one month your income is $375*5= $1875 How does your business make money? Selling products on for a profitable price. 1)Drones 2)DSLR 3)Mac book 4)Mobiles etc Why are you selling this business? Selling 1 listing to someone who will grow it as their main focus makes sense to me. Who would this business be perfect for? Someone new to Affiliate marketer, who wants a very secure 'small win' to start.



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