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Greetings, I am selling a catchy domain name with hosting ( paid until 15th October, 2019. I want to give this project to someone who is able to make it big. Right now, I don't have much time to code and make an ad campaign for this awesome project (That's basically the only thing left!). As for now, there is a white label run by and customised by me. You just need to make a few ads to higher the traffic and start the show! offers a good revenues for flight tickets and accommodation searches and sells. There is a small revenue (in cents) for searches and a big revenue (like $2–$20) for flight ticket sales. The biggest revenue is for accommodation sells (tens of dollars, usually, can go even higher). As a lucky winner of this auction, you will get: - https certified domain and hosting paid until 15th October, 2019 - Twitter account (@flyloupe) with ad templates (great social media for your campaign!) - custom white label with all the graphics needed - my email address in case you will need some help (I'll be there for you!)




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