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New AliExpress Dropshipping eCommerce Business A Starter/Template Site is a brand new website. As it has recently been launched, it's unlikely to have traffic, revenue, or page rank. New Dropshipping eCommerce Site where you can easily make 2,000usd+ montly from this website. So no time and pain to waste in order to design a site, because simply we made it for you! Fully set up and ready to take orders from first day. is an eCommerce Dropshipping Business. This is an online store where you can find any product you can imagine SAME like Aliexpress. Right now the website have 1825 products already imported with 28 Main Categories (Same like Aliexpress) and 359 Sub Categories (Same like Aliexpress). You can import more, more and more, UNLIMITED PRODUCTS simply in just one click in any Main or Sub Category as much as you want or as much as your hosting storage allows you. You dont need to invest big amount to run this business. Please note that this not a simple website selling specific product from a particular category but instead it has all the products you can imagine from Aliexpress. How it works: - Select the product you want according to your desire, Main or Sub Category and as much as you want. - You can select bulk or single import and within one click all your products will be imported. - You can set the price for bulk import or single product import. For example lets say Aliexpress is selling a particular product for $50. You set your price $50+30$=$80. Therefore the price displayed on Aliexpress will be $50 and on your website it will be $80. So if a customer buy the product you make a profit of $30. - Promote the website via social media - Customers will then be aware of it and start buying form you - Payment will be made through paypal or any other gateway you prefer - You will therefore get the billing and shipping address of the buyer - Next step, navigate to Aliexpress website, order the product for the customer by inserting his/her shipping details - Aliexpress will ship the product to the customer - Final step, you're Done, you can start making profit now! Whats included: - Premium Domain Name estimated value: $1090 (source Godaddy) - Administrator login, Logo design, Premium Theme with all Premium Plugins (Full Content Website) - SSL security for payment processing - Fully responsive and mobile friendly theme (You will continue to get update) - I can design another logo for FREE if you are not happy with this one. - 90% ready to start making orders and profits. The remaining 10%, if you want to change it in your way in terms of design, color, content and minor adjustments. - You'll get my full LIFETIME after sale support, until you feel completely confident with your new website. FAQ Who are the Sellers? You can find best selling products of best sellers fom Aliexpress and simply upload them to your website. How long do orders from AliExpress take to ship? The shipping takes 3-45 days approx Is the website Wordpress or Shopify? Wordpress Simply sitting at home for 45 minutes to 01 hour you can earn a lot! Simple to use, Simple to upload products from Aliexpress and Simple to earn. Aliexpress has approximatly 100 million products. has right now 1825 products READY TO BE SOLD, but thanks to its one click upload specialty you are not too far from reaching Aliexpress' products by uploading UNLIMITED PRODUCTS. Imagine uploading half the amount, that is 50 million products and selling each product for at least $1. Therefore 50 million products X $1 = $50 million. Amazing!!!! If you are dedicated to it, you can make it. As a professional Web Developer and Graphic Designer you can contact me if someone else wants a similar website. Buy it with confident. Thanks for spending time on our listing!



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