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For sale 3-year-old website among the top 10 in the world in its market niche. The website has had a 170% traffic increase in the past 12 months with an average monthly growth of 22%. These are the main (extraordinary) parameters: Monthly visitors: 50,000 Bounce rate: 25% (average of the last 12 months, often at 21/22%) Main Traffic Acquisition: 93.5% Organic traffic (real, not fake) Average CTR last 12 months: 13.1% Traffic is homogeneous and comes from all over the world. These are the top 10 countries for traffic in the last 12 months: 1. United Kingdom (10,01%) 2. United States (9,77%) 3. Canada (7,85%) 4. India (6,71%) 5. Australia (6,65%) 6. South Africa (5,30%) 7. France (4,53%) 8. Malaysia (2,89%) 9. Kenya (2,85%) 10. Germany (2,56%) SEO parameters: Alexa Rank: 1,785,546 DA MOZ: 56 DR Ahrefs: 33 The website is starting to monetize now, and the sales value has been achieved - in addition to the parameters above - considering a minimum value of $35 per profile entered. Currently, there are 1035 active profiles with a constant increase of 2/3 profiles per day. The website has been developed on PHP scripts and is fully automated. It can be managed by a single person, and: • is designed for 10 other languages (they only need to be activated and partially translated) • membership already activated and settable at will • all emails set up and automated • internal newsletter system The entire sales package includes: 1. Premium domain of only 9 characters “” containing the primary keyword "escort" 2. Entire website 3. Set of logos 4. Database with over 1000 profiles entered 5. Set of 10 brand banners The monetization methods of this business are: 1. Membership (monthly/quarterly/yearly) 2. Sale of banner spaces 3. Guest Post Sale 4. Affiliations Conclusions: A website with great potential, ready to be monetized and manageable by a single person. The site is being sold because I have too many projects to take care of. NOTE: To people who are really interested (not curious and waste time), I provide all the PDF or Excel files of Analytics. Good auction everyone!



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