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This is a completely ready Starter LMS membership With premium HD video courses, designed to help rookies TURBO-CHARGE THEIR E-COMMERCE STORE CREATION WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY? Price - This business is very affordable Ease - Very easy to run Speed - Once payment is made, within 24 hours you are already in business Flexible - You can run this business from anywhere Inclusive - Everything you need has been provided. WHAT ARE THE BEST STRATEGIES TO MARKET THIS WEBSITE? Successful businesses start bootstrapping by selling to friends and family. This is the best place to start - Send a message to everyone around you and sell to them perhaps at a discounted price, talk to people who trust you the most. Generate revenue and reviews from them. Use reviews and funds for marketing. Look beyond FaceBook Ads, think also of a YouTube channel or social media influencing. IS SELLING COURSES BETTER THAN DROPSHIPPING? Yes. Since there is no shipping, fulfilment, inventory to manage, returns to deal with and minimal customer service. Everything is set up to run 100% automatically, allowing you to focus on marketing. WHERE DO THE TRAINING VIDEOS COME FROM? I personally did not create the videos, but rather by a topic specialist/researcher where the re-sell rights of the courses have been bought. The private label rights will be passed to you, this gives you the opportunity to own and customize the videos. You keep 100% of profits. WHY BUY A STARTER SITE? This site is a starter site meaning that it is non-exclusive. This means that there may be one or more people who will have the same course with an entirely differently designed website and branding. Although exclusivity would be nice and has its benefits. For starters, a bespoke LMS site would cost $4500+ as standard, not including any of the courses, so you are saving money. Secondly, it saves you time: Even if you have the design skillset, and knowledge of how to create a website, link a domain name, create shipping categories, write terms and conditions, record videos for course content, etc. It may take several months to complete. Here, the work has been done for you. CAN I ADD MORE COURSES? Yes, you can add as many courses as you want to the website: Digital, physical, subscription, drop shipping etc... There is no limit to what the website can do HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE RUNNING THIS WEBSITE? You get out what you put in: The success of a new business depends on the amount of time allocated, funding invested in marketing and most importantly, the mindset of the new website owner. You will have the potential to make $xx,xxx's a month with optimal ad spend and correct project management. If you know what you are doing with marketing, you could be able to make a steady income with 1-2 hours of work a week. Usually, time spent is a lot more in the beginning as you get used to the website operations. HOW CAN I GROW THE BUSINESS QUICKLY? We encourage you to treat this business as a template to expand and improve upon. You can further customize it to give it your feel, you can also add more courses, you can invest in content by using the default WordPress blog option to write epic content that can attract leads, and you can create social media accounts for more business exposure, you can start collecting email addresses of potential students, and you can also add an affiliate program to the website to attract other marketers to promote your website by sharing profit with you. OUR BUY NOW BONUS If your purchase meets our asking price, we have some purchase add-ons we would be glad to give. Free website transfer to your hosting. A free course on market analysis, this course will help you understand the behavioural patterns and the best way to position your website to attract the right buyers. 1-month post-purchase priority support.



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