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Description was formed as an online tool connecting those customers looking to have dings and dents repaired with technicians in their area that can do this type of work. In it's current form the website offers this service for free, but this site can be easily monetized by asking customers to provide a "deposit". The concept of the site is unique. It allows customers to name their own price for repairs and allows the technicians to accept or reject the job. The technicians view the pictures and description provided by the customer and then makes a determination whether or not to accept the job or reject it. If they reject it they explain to the customer why by selecting from a few choices. Either the price is to low, pictures are not clear or the description is vague or incomplete. Furthermore, the sites platform allows body shops, car delaerships, hail brokers etc. to sign up and hire the technicians for hail storm that cause severe damage to cars. The way it works: Once a customer or body shop signs up they can post a job. The posting includes all info on the customer, i.r name, address phone, email etc. as well as the car info, Make, model etc. Within the posting is all of the damage information and pictures. After they click submit an email goes out to all of the technicians. If it is for a local job, it goes to technicians within a 50 mile radius. If it is for a hail "site" this email alerts all technicians in the database. Note* No personal information is shared with either party until the job is accepted. Until then it is completely anonymous. Then the techs go an review the claim and accept it reject as explained above. The technician is paid for their services by the customer once completed. Like I said you can easily add a deposit feature to the site to get paid. Why am I selling? I have a paintless dent repair company that I own and operate. I just don't have the time to pursue both. I believe in this sites potential and in the right hands this can be a highly successful, money generating site. There is no other site out there with this concept and it's a huge and ever growing industry. Make the site your own, add to it. All offers will be seriously looked at. Thanks for you time and good luck.



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