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For Sale: Domain included Web Files/Database included Logo included Marketing Strategy to get new clients included Email Scripts included All Clients Information included Recurring Income from Clients included 30 days after sale support What do I need to keep the business operational? You just need a 1-3 hours of the week days to send out email scripts to potential client and follow up on social media. I send 10+ messages a day from Monday to Friday then take off on the weekends. I forward their business info to the outsourcer after clients pay the invoices sent to their email. You send all the work to the clients as the middleman. All white labeled to look like the work is done by DEGMarketing! You also need a hosting account for site and a Namecheap account for the domain Why am I selling this web business? I started this business in Dec 2018. I wanted to focus on the home service niche instead of all industries. I wanted to look like an expert in a industry. I chose home service related businesses because they need a website and they need someone to manage their reputation and search engine optimization. Most of the business owners don't have time to focus on digital marketing related tasks. I wish I could keep this business but my startup that focuses on e-commerce is making a lot more than this business. So I would like to focus on scaling my startup and sell DEGMarketing to someone else who would want to expand their portfolio or just want more income. How does my web business generate revenue? This business makes money from selling web design and reputation management packages. You can then upsell to manage their ad accounts on Facebook or Google for a percentage of ad revenue which I have not done yet. For web design I charge $399 and $599. Outsourcing costs are only $100 and $150. For reputation I charge $499 and $799. Outsourcing costs are only $200 and $250. Great profit margins! For Stripe Video Sales Proof please go to Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? The only expenses is paying for the domain every year which is about $15 a year and hosting every 3 months which is $59 every 3 months. I do FREE marketing to keep costs down. I was planning to test ads to collect more emails and leads. How can the future owner improve the business? I was planning to add a blog and use the current outsourcer for SEO work. Test out ads and target business owners. Reach out to other websites that help owners in my niche to do exchange promotion as a growth hack. Transfer process? You can pay by using Escrow. You have to make a payment within 48 hours. Once funds are secured I will transfer the domain and web files over to you. I will also give you the admin access. After you accept the domain and web files on Flippa Escrow I will then send everything else to your email address then the 30 days of after sale support will begin. However, you can reach me anytime on Skype. Please Note: I am interested in serious buyers who are a good fit to continue this business and wants the recurring income that comes with it. It does not matter if you are a beginner or expert. You can run this agency web business! Please message me at if you have any questions!

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