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This is a affiliate website which is autopost affiliate product from amazon to website and then to social network like facebook, google plus, twitter, linkedin and many more Please find all the attached proof of income from this website and visitors Great Offer For This Kind Of Website As this website name suggested , this website is affiliate website which autopost products from amazon, ebay and many more. These days coupons and affiliate products are multimillionaire industry and it will help you earn millions of dollar by just sitting. You can use google adsense and others ads network to earn more Built on Powerful CMS: Wordpress Latest Version using WooCommerce and few other Plugins Professional Design : Full Responsive Design Runs on any mobile device. Thousands of Products Ready to Import from Amazon: This website automatically fetch product from Amazon and add it under your affiliate id, so if anyone purchase using this website you will get the commission from amazon. Believe me it is really awesome concept. I have my one personal website and I know how much I earn from that. This is my personal experience that in 1 year, you will start earning from amazon and adsense in three digit income (in USD) and this income is totally passive where you don’t have to spend much time. If you will use more marketing ways then you can even earn in four digit income (in USD) / month. MONETIZATION METHODS Adsense - Adsense is the only ads net which gives high revenue. Amazon - This site is using the affiliate program from Amazon. Every product that is sold on this site will earn you up to 4% - 16% commission. The more you sell the bigger the commission. Amazon is AVAILABLE on 12 Countries now AND you can make money from at least 3 countries that may visit the site from English Spoken Visitors ( USA, UK and Canada ) You may have the 3 affiliate accounts configured in the site and I will create them for you if you don’t have them yet. ( FREE of charge J ) Banner Ads – You can start showing advertisements on your site to earn you some money from users that clicks on ads. This can be set super easily. Resell the Store – You can easily start making some money with this store and put it for Sale here at Flippa for a good amount of money. Check on Flippa stores that have been monetized and are for sale here you can see a he chance to Earn a lot of money. WHAT YOU WILL GET IF YOU WIN THIS AUCTION 1. Full ownership of domain name. Free domain name transfer - quick FREE push to your REGISTRAR account (No transfer fee will be charged). 2. All website files, web graphics as well as databases and its contents. 3. Support via email or Skype from me for any questions you may have. 4. Site configuration with your new Amazon Credentials. If you have any question please don't hesitate to PM me



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