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Purpose of the site: is a resource designed to help prospective students choose a college based on ratings and reviews from current students and alumni. Get everything you need to know about colleges from one site Over 3,500 national colleges in our database for viewing College is one of the best, if the not the best, investment you can make. However, it can be extremely difficult choosing a college. There are plenty of facts about colleges available or you may know someone who went to a certain school, but the truth is that is not enough and you are gambling with your future. This site provides inside information from people who eat, breath, and sleep college life or at least did. Their ratings and reviews will help you, along with other resources, choose a college. This site is not just for prospective students. If you were lucky and chose the perfect college, or not so lucky, and would like to help out prospective students then this is the site for you. Or if you just like to voice your opinion then that's cool too. Reason selling: I had a good idea and had a friend knew how to build websites but after the launch I failed at getting traffic (don't really know how to). Sat on the site for several years due to not having an additional hosting cost and not knowing you could even sell websites but now is the time for me to sell it to someone who take it and run with it.



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