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You Need A Secret Weapon to Tap a Huge Opportunity In Digital Marketing Agency Business. Introducing... Complete All-In-One Digital Marketing Agency Business Solution Well, actually everyone can start their own Digital Marketing Agency business using this website. You will have project manager & reliable staff who love what they do. These project managers will work with you to meet all of your needs. You will have Ready-Made Website that is already integrated with 3rd-party white label partner that will do all work, except getting a client. You will get Free Resources like Free Templates, Brandable Product Documents, Client Management Material, Webinar Resources. More details about Free Resources, #1 Free Templates Brandable SEO/PPC Contract - the Brandable template that makes SEO or PPC contracts fast & easy. FILE INCLUDES: Methodology Products Project timelines PPC Checklist Estimate Client Cost Brandable SEO Infographics - Infographic on SEO methodology, life cycle & campaign execution. FILE INCLUDES: SEO process On page process Off page process Project flowchart SEO lifecycle Keyword Research Template - This excel template has complete research & keyword grouping. FILE INCLUDES: Keyword silos Keyword grouping Recommendations Search Volume Web Site Audit Template - In-depth website audit Excel covering technical points of optimization. FILE INCLUDES: Site indexing Architecture Linking structure Content & design Site analytics #2 Brandable Product Documents Brandable Product Catalogue - Complete product list from SEO, social, PPC to link cleanup. FILE INCLUDES: Organic & local Social media PPC products Web design Link clean up Link Building White Paper - Brandable explainer of how link building works & ranking impact. On Page SEO White Paper - Brandable explainer for on page optimization and each component. #3 Client Management Material Platform User Guide - Agency guide for using our dashboard with client meetings and managing accounts. Keyword Selection Guide - Guide on how to research, select and group the best keywords for SEO. Client Expectation Guide - Guide for setting client's expectations on ranking on the 1st page of search results. Content Marketing Guide - Our step by step guide to content marketing, writing and content publishing. #4 Webinar Resources This Webinar Series allows you to benefit from the white label partner years of experience, so they too can establish a successful digital services business. Selling SEO the Right Way - In this webinar, Bernard San Juan and William Kramer show you how to go from good to great at selling SEO services by sharing some of the Do’s and Don’ts of selling SEO. Keep Clients - In this webinar, Bernard and Tim share their experiences, best practices and pro tips on retaining your clients and fostering loyalty to your business. Ace Your Next Sales Pitch! - In this webinar, Bernard San Juan and William Kramer empowers you with the tools and techniques to pitch confidently and close effectively. Be a Powerhouse Agency - In this webinar, Itamar Gero and Bernard San Juan tells you how SEOReseller turned three of its top partners into powerhouse agencies. Overcome Sales Objections Like a Powerhouse - The key to closing a sale is understanding what stops a potential client from taking action. In the fifth Boost Your Business Webinar, Bernard San Juan III, and Timothy Bienvenida discuss the pro-tips on overcoming the most common sales objections, and the methods powerhouse agencies use to close the toughest sales. Brandable Dashboard You, your employees & your clients will get access to the dashboard here Special Added Bonus for WINNER! I will show you an offline method of how you can land your very first $1,000 Client as soon as tomorrow! Easy as 1-2-3 grow your agency business fast. OK, so now happy bidding! Feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding this auction.



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