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Card Mart is an ecommerce site for Magic The Gathering (MTG) trading cards. The primary benefit of Card Mart is just its simpliciity. Its super easy to navigate and use and the filtering is comprehensive and responsive. Customers can buy single or bulk cards. Customers will have no problem finding the cards they want. Key Highlights Takes advantage of the booming trading card market! Fantastic, easy to remember and marketable domain Comprehensive filtering system Data is drawn from Google Sheets, so its very easy to understand Spreadsimple admin is intuitive and all features are included. No need to pay for expensive third party plugins! Adding cards to the checkout is a single click Checkout is two clicks. All fields are completed on a single page. Uses Stripe for payment processing. Others are possible including Paypal. Discounting is possible through promo codes. Easy to maintain with the FREE Delver Lens MTG Android app Simply export your new scans to CSV and from there into a Google Sheet More than happy to provide a rundown of how it works. Marketing Customers can be acquired through all manner of ways. Facebook Group promotion is obviously a viable option. Standard Adwords advertising. This is a particular good site for those active in the MTG playing community. You will have a natural advantage. Financials Running costs are very low. You need to pay an ongoing $16 monthly fee for a single Spreadsimple Pro licence. You will need a gmail account to use Google Sheet. You will need to have Carrd Pro Plus licence with 1 slot available if you intend to use the site in its current form with Carrd. There are no other ongoing costs. You really should use the Delver Lens scanning app. Its free, but a paid option is available. I was able to export all my cards, hundreds of cards, with the free version. The site does not currently have sales, because I have not marketed it as yet, but the MTG trading card market is a vibrant, active and stable one. Easy to package and cheap to send, with little chance of damage (with good packaging), shipping is also relatively worry free. Additional Notes If you purchase this site, you will get the following - The domain - (Registered with Namecheap). An Australian domain - (registered with VentraIP) will also be transferred to you (if you have an Australian ABN, you can use it) - The site will be transferred to you with Spreadsimple. This is not an automatic process. You must create a Spreadsimple account (which you need a google account for) and provide me with the email. The Spreadsimple admins will transfer the account to you manually, at no cost. - You will be provided with permissions to access the sheet file as admin. If you would like me to transfer the sheet, you need to make sure you use a NON Workspace gmail. If you use one associated with a business/organisation there will be permissions issues. Use a free gmail account. - Example CSV files from my scans will be sent to you with the fields I have used as an example. - Cover image, icon files and favicons will be transferred to you - The site can come WITH or WITHOUT all my current cards (700 plus). It is now listed without the cards. Current market value of my cards is around $200 USD. I will add $100 to the price if you want the cards. - A copy of the site will be sent to your Carrd account. You will need a Card Pro Plus plan. If you dont wish to use Carrd you can revert to the original design which was purely a Spreadsimple based site.


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