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Sale includes website and domain website Now that the smoke is clearing it is obvious how big the cannabis industry is becoming and will be once it is legalized in all u.s. states. Canada has just legalized marijuana. Currently, marijuana is legalized in 11 U.S.states and Washington Dc for recreational and medical and is legal in 33 states for medical marijuana. With that said there or many cannabis-related industries that are banking on this which include, seed companies, growing supplies and equipment, hemp/CBD oil, a large variety of medically related supplies, head shop accessories and the list goes on. is a cannabis magazine covering all aspects of the cannabis industry. Automated content updated daily through the plugins. Free SSL certificate on the Domain when hosted with us,(SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted). a must-have when getting your site noticed by the search engines. A premium designed website using the WordPress platform, over 20 premium plugins included that run the theme and you give many advantages that most other themes don't. A licensed theme and all updates of theme and plugins are included. we do use a few free plugins as well. We have affiliate ads on the site, you can join these affiliate programs and earn money from the affiliate program ads on the site. after you join the affiliate programs we offer support to help edit the ads on the site with your affiliate ids if can easily erase the ads and or put your own ads if you prefer. If you don't like the domain you can use your own domain name. NOTE I only accept payments through Paypal HOSTING If you choose to keep the site hosted with us the charge would be $60 a year through PayPal, you are free to move the site to your own hosting at any time



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