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QUICK NOTE: It's an important point that Boardest is only valuable for its software instead of its traffic/content/revenue. It's an idle project since its launch - no monetizing model has been integrated. Please consider this. What is Boardest? is a multi-lingual social network which allowing users to ask questions, open discussion threads and share links that other users can comment and contribute. A Social Network Boardest is a social network with following features: - Ask questions - Make discussions - Share links - Comment - Follow topics - Follow users - Send private messages to other users - Best Quora and Reddit Alternative in the Market Boardest is the best Quora and Reddit alternative in the market. It has received very good comments on every platform which is promoted. Why Do We Sell? We currenty run several projects and have limited time to administer all of them. We didn't make enough effort since the first day we've launched it. So we decided to sell it to someone who could manage it better than we do. Multilingual Boardest's architecture is perfectly multilingual. You can add unlimited different languages on the same site under different subdomains with a little effort (like, Also Reddit is only available in English. But Boardest is precisely available in any language when requested. Highly Scalable & High Potential Thanks to its multilingual nature Boardest has a big potential as a global forum network. It's capable to be added unlimited topics and languages. So all people could be your audience. Great Domain Name It has a great domain name relevant to its business. Unique Software It's unique, handcoded, high qualified piece of software. Other Features - Perfectly Mobile-Friendly - Realtime Messaging - Realtime Notifications - Clear User Interface - Good User Experience - Upvoting and Downvoting Threads and Comments - High-qualified codebase. Built with Symfony 3 PHP Framework. Testimonials "It looks really cool! Looks like you've built a TON of functionality. Nice work." - Dan McComas, Former Founder and CEO of Imzy "It looks better than Quora or Reddit." - Lucian Marin, Founder of The offer includes following: - Script - Content - Domain Name - Social Media Accounts


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