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Selling domain and simple script including all current members (whole website). Added Google Analytics recently. It says 5.5 users the last 30 days (see pdf:s for more info). A lot of traffic comes from the tracker images places on other blogs. These could be redesigned if you wanted to and make them more eye-catchy compared to the current ones. This site has been idling for years. If the idea is to run the current script and members as they are, you should know that a lot of spam has comes in over the years. This can also be seen in the list since many tries to take advantage of this, cheating to gain high positions to rank well. The only thing I will help you with is: - Transfer domain - Provide download link for all files, including SQL files Revenue is 0. I don't make any money on the site at all. On the 26th of April my server will close down. And so will the site if not moved by then. In it's current state with the current script it will most likely need an average vps to run well. The code is old and written for older PHP. I did a quick fix for my swedish version (which is not for sale) and it works well if only mysql is exchanged to mysqli. The value in this domain lies with the domain name and the user database. And a little bit in the traffic it gets from different sources. Creating a more modern site using a more modern platform would be recommended instead of my amateur script using old PHP (back in the days when I didn't know what I was doing).

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