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MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS: Slightly older website in a popular niche with room for growth Over 100 well-optimized articles including highly researched reviews Minimal upkeep will be needed - graphics, plugins, pages all up to date Would be a great opportunity for a blogger looking to capitalize on the coffee niche. Uses the Genesis Framework including a premium theme This is a 7 year old website in the coffee niche. I registered it in September of 2015. To date I have about 114 articles published. About 7 of them are guest posts. The articles are informational or product reviews in the single serve coffee maker micro-niche. I chose to keep the domain name very simple so I could branch out later on into other coffee maker types. It is monetized with affiliate links pointing to Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. I did all of the design work and graphics and have written all of the articles with the exception of the guest posts. A few of those posts are to strong websites that are relevant. This site would be great for someone interested in coffee paraphernalia, brewers, accessories, etc. I am wanting to sell this site because my interest has dropped in the niche and I am focusing on other projects. I also have Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles for the site. In addition I have backed up copies of the articles and some of the graphics. This is a blog/niche site built on the Wordpress platform. Traffic generation is mainly organic search results through SEO. Social media platforms account for much less. Does not use paid advertising. Demographics of visitors is mostly US based, next most Canada, a small percentage is international There has been a slight dropoff in overall traffic/revenue in the last year due to some of the coffee maker models having aged out of the market since they were first written about, and supplanted with newer models. This would be a great opportunity to create new content around the most popular coffee makers. Going forward, there will be very little upkeep, other than writing and optimizing new content on a regular basis. As the subniche this site is focused around is rather limiting, there are opportunities for content creation around other types of coffee makers besides the single-serve/pod style.


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