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Namecheap: Hosting: Stellar Hosting ($21.00) for one year with a coupon code from us! Normally $60 a year. **You will need to purchase and we will transfer in under 12 hours! Domain name: Axblogr (Paid until 12-7-2019) $10 renewal fee. Why are we selling: It's brand new we don't have time to spend or money to spend on advertising. We already have 650 signed up users and growing up to 50 new users daily! Join the fun and buy this amazing money possible website! HOW IT WORKS Admin –Admin (site owner) is the one who manages the whole website. He controls everything.He can monitor published posts from users, delete posts, ban users etc. So Admin hascontrol over the website.Users –Users can sign up, create unlimited number of blogs under their account, customize theirblog, add title and description and start posting various types of blog posts. Users canalso follow other blogs created by other users. They can like a post, reblog it if they like,etc.The process flow –Admin will setup the site and get the business running. Now the website is open for users to register and start their own blogs. User register, create own blogs, follow other blogs, interact, discover new things, post their own creative material and basically it’s asocial networking micro-blogging site. Axblogr fits between twitter and a professional blogging service like WordPress.Twitter is a micro-blog where you add text within 140 characters, share photos, videos etc. WordPress is a pro-blogging service where you post full length article. It makes blogging and sharing things you find on the internet a breeze. If you find yourself failing to keep a full blog up-to-date, and enjoy sharing the things you find, the there’s no easier way to do so than Rumblr. The interface is split into two sections; the dashboard, where yours and other peoples content meet you, and customization, where you control all sorts of aspects of yourtumbleblog. Another one is your tumblelog front end. That’s where visitors read yourblog. Dashboard -Posting any of the seven different types of content from your dashboard is a breeze, with visual buttons, and a clean design. The backend goes on to keep you up-to-date with all the Tumble blogs you are following, in a very Twitter like manner, keeping it clean and easy to read. Please read the document attached below that describes everything! WE HAVE DONE LITTLE TO NO ADVERTISING! WE RECOMMEND DOING SO. SPENDING ONLY $50 gave us over 400 users in under 30 days.


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