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Description is a great name for either a site about avocado pasta or about broader topics such as healthy foods, when the domain name can also work as a great brand name for the site.\nAvocado pasta as a food / dish is especially popular among people who care about health, fitness and good food.\nSome recent pasta related domain sales include for an example:\ March 2012 12,500.00 USD\ July 2010 6,900.00 USD\ September 2013 4,900.00 USD\ January 2011 4,500.00 USD\ February 2012 2,450.00 USD\nAnd some recent .com-domain sales related to foods / drinks include for an example:\ March 2014 3,100,000.00 USD\ June 2010 70,000.00 USD\ February 2010 49,000.00 USD\nSource:\nThe above only include the sales prices made public, however most of the sales are made privately. You can find out more about that for an example here:\nThe benefits of owning an \"exact match\" domain, such as this one, (also known as EMD) are explained in detail for an example here:\nAccording to google the phrase \"avocado pasta\" gets on average 5,400 exact searches per month. It is common to see domains (even) with lot less searches being called premium domains.\nDomain is registered at GoDaddy, I\'ll push it other GoDaddy account.



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