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Providing Designers and Developers with mockups and PSD designs to showcase their latest work and graphics. Since it's launch one over a year ago it's been climbing up the rankings fast with immense potential. Apemockups is an amazing opportunity for someone looking to make money through adsense overtime and auto pilot site. I have only added adsense on the site about 3 months ago so the money made doesnt justify how well this site can do and is doing. There is a full custom developed backend that allows the mockup designs to be easily added in and the download urls set with over 1500 mockups already on the site as resources. If you're looking for an easy-to-manage site that doesn't require any more than 10 minutes out of your day to run then Apemockups may be for you. At the end of the auction the winner will be given full access to the server and hand over of the domains which are currently registered under Namescheap. Website transfer can also be arranged. What is included in the sale? Websites Domains : Social Media : Facebook (10K followers) Instragram (2k followers) Behance Account Website Platform : Wordpress (content management system) User List : A user list of around 6k people who you can market to directly who have signed up on the site using One Signal. It directly sends a message to their computer. Hand over meeting : A hour call on handover is available to run the new owner over the details and how the site functions. A video tutorial can also be requested as a walkthrough. What is required to keep the business operational? All thats required from time to time is source and upload mockups from around the web. Custom mockups can also be uploaded and sold on the site. But there is already over 1500 free mockups on site. So a post every other day or two will do. Why are you selling the business? Need the finances. How does the business generate revenue? It generates money through Adsense and can also generate through designs sold on the site. I have sold some designs through the site already but opted to go through Adsense and traffic. Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Currently the only costs is hosting and domain registration. What marketing initiatives have been used for this business? The main marketing used on this site has just been through keywording for google and site optimization. Most of the traffic is just organic through google. There is currently a big following on FB as well but it's barely used. Behance is another good source for free traffic. No paid marketing has been used yet on site. On the website I use a plugin called 'OneSignal' which has direct access to market currently to around 6k people who have visited the site. How can the future owner improve the business? Firstly no paid marketing has been run on the site so through FB ads , instagram ads, google ads that would bring in a lot more traffic so that would be a good start to improve the site. Also selling designs on site would bring in some money as an option. But as it is it's just growing in traffic organically. If you have any question do NOT hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help.



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