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Description is a portal created with passion and heart. We have made every effort to make it the best possible. We have listened to the advice of photographers and specialists from the stock branch and we have introduced it to make our portal meet all demands. The effect is the achievement of something great. Within a year, we have gathered a base of nearly 144 thousand digital files of the highest quality. The portal is constantly moving forward, gaining new users, bringing in new content to Allvago, as well as more buyers interested in competitive prices. However, a portal of this type in its initial phase requires drawing the attention of recipients, for which numerous marketing activities are needed, and these require funds. Most of our funds have been allocated in the development of the site, and unfortunately, they will not be enough for the proper promotion of the portal. We would not wish for such a prosperous service to fall apart. Among other things, that is why we would like to give it into the hands of someone else. Therefore, we are looking for ambitious people who would like to finish our work on a wider scale. Allvago is a service mediating in the sale of digital products such as photographs, graphics and 3D models. This service stands out from the competition with its functionalities and the ability to purchase single photos (without having to purchase whole packages). It is based on an extensive engine and modules adapted to current needs. Details on functionality can be found here: Numerical data: - Total Marketplace Items: + 97 193 , - Files waiting to be checked: + 70 043, - Total Marketplace Members: 750, - Sessions in 2017 : 12 000 What sells: - Domain - Websites Allvago : a) All script + lifetime license b) All files, items and the entire database user c) All social accounts - Amazon S3 account - OVH VPS account - All developed advertising materials and others


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