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Is a niche website in the health niche (ACNE) that specialize in providing information, tips and advice on acne related issue to people around the world and help get rid of acne naturally. Acne which is the most common skin disorder in the United States, affecting 40 million to 50 million American with nearly 85 percent of all people around the world have acne at some point in their lives most often on the face, chest and back. By mid-teen more than 40 percent of adolescent have acne which require treatment by a dermatologist and in 2004,the total direct cost associated with the treatment of acne exceeded $2.2 billion, including substantial cost of prescription and over the counter product All this statistic aim to show that there is a vast and rising market and audience for the niche and the website will immensely benefit from all the figures mentioned. The website custom built with excellent wordpress plug-in and fantastic design has so far been updated with 51 100% unique and original articles protected by copyscape; How to get rid of acne scar fast Treating acne with home remedies Steps on how to remove pimples effectively How to get rid of cystic acne in less costly way Tips on how to get rid of pimples effectively etc Are some of these unique articles included on the site? Future Potentials Just as all the hefty figures were quoted earlier, it will otherwise not be a surprise if the website was quoted to have a millions of dollar returns in future. This website is in a niche which can bring in a lot of income to its owner if properly managed. 100% newbies friendly-wordpress blog Monetization The website with huge revenue potential has no revenue record presently due to any time to promote it on the part of the owner. But the website can be easily monetized with click bank products displayed ate strategic location on the site for easy click through rate, Adsense can be used to monetized it also because the keywords are one of the highest paying keywords, Other ways are through market health and Amazon affiliates which has higher turnout. Seo Optimization the search engine optimization for the site started a month ago for home remedy for acne and it now has 2,427 backlinks according to, so far it has 300 unique visitors per month. The website which has a targeted keyword will no doubt rank well in the search engine if properly optimized and promoted Keyword Position home remedies for acne ( 22.200 ) = 83 on =62 on Yahoo/Bing What's included in this niche website The theme Pre-done keyword research and content. Facebook fanpage all plugins Reason for Selling : I am currently in need finance for some projects hence the need this site is available for you to buy Reasons You Should Buy Why You Should Consider, Actually Why You Must Buy this Blog ? First of all, it is not a website but a Blog, and Blogs have always got higher Ranking in Google. I assure you that within few months, you will recover the money you spent on it. Above all, You do not need to work really hard over it. Just a little brush up from your side will do a lot. The Winning Bidder Will Receive o Premium domain name - o Fast and Free domain transfer o Unlimited rights of all contained on the site o 300 High PR Backlinks to get ranked fast * 7 Ebooks to help you get unlimited free traffic o 30 days of email support and consultations for any questions you may have about the site If you attempt to build your online presence by yourself, you may spend almost thousands of dollars before you earn your first dollar. With a powerful website like this based on one of the most search niches right now, everything becomes much easier. GRAB IT NOW WHILE IT IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU, ONCE GONE IT IS GONE FOREVER. If you have any question,Please PM Me



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