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Enormous World War II submarine collection-directory including photos and historical details of every submarine. Generate automated income $400/mo through ads displaying without any effort. Over 20k unique visitors/month. Brief history of the site The website was launched on May 2020. This website offers one of the best world war 2 submarine collection on the web including Argonaut-Class, B-Class, Balao-Class, Cachalot-Class, Dolphin-Class, Gar-Class, Gato-Class, Mackerel-Class, Narwhal-Class, O-Class, Patrols, Porpoise-Class, R-Class, S-Class, Salmon-Class, Sargo-Class, Tambor-Class, Tench-Class. Moreover the website presents important personalities, men who command and crew the submarines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used with great effectiveness. As a result the site according to verified Google Analytics is receiving over 95% organic traffic with only 16% bounce rate, 20k unique visitors monthly. Web Site Design Design of the website is unique, user-friendly and uses nice effects: • Fully licensed themes, plugins and visuals. • Mobile friendly responsive design - check it here: • Uniquely designed features, created from our designers - images, icons, logo, etc. Monetization Great potential for earnings without effort ! The site is monetized solely through displaying Ads. No other monetization methods have been explored. Technology The website was created using JQuery and DHML technologies. No need to have technical knowledge at all, since everything is set. Inclusions The offer includes the domain, the web content, the hosting account, the domain emails, and technical developments. In particular the new owner will get: 1. Brand name. 2. Logo. 3. Domain name. 4. Fully licensed themes, plugins and visuals. 5. Uniquely designed features, created from our designers - images, icons, logos, etc. 6. On-site and Off-site SEO. 7. Sitemap.xml installed. 8. Google webmasters tool verified. 9. Google Analytics verified. Why am I selling this great automated passive income website ? I need the funds for investing in a startup business. Payments & Handover I accept payments via Escrow. After payment is sent, I will transfer the domain and all website files directly to buyer. Questions or Concerns Please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always glad to help.


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