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My Skype: technicalgiants My Email : Hello, I am Jasbir Singh Owner of I am earning more than $10k USD from this website itself. So, I thought to make a similar kind of website to sell it to someone and can get extra money for supporting my team. I believe in the transparent deal so I am going to write everything so frankly about this business I launched this website in the mid of April 2019. Without marketing, If you are expecting that this website will make as it is making right now then I will say you that you are thinking wrong. Without marketing, you even can't make a penny. I tested this website before I put it on sale here on flippa and I got unbelievable results. I earned a lot from this website and I attached enough proof of that. When you purchased a website from me, you need to market this website to earn from it Please don't BUY this website if you can't spend money on marketing. This kind of business doesn't work without marketing. What I did to get profit from this website? I hired a marketing guy from and paid him $750 USD for the promotion which includes his fee+marketing payment via Then he starts marketing from his end and gave those unbelievable results. I got 2 leads from him and earned $2300+ from this website. So my profit is around $1300 USD approx. I also attached the PayPal proof of income and also the Wordpress admin panel proof where it shows the order details I received from him. As I am developer myself so I personally did both projects I received. You can even hire me for the projects or someone else if you are not a developer. This business could be totally outsourced. Believe me, It's magical There is some more unique and special feature I added on the website to make it more professional. 1. Ticket System: I added a ticket system feature on the website which any professional website must have. This will attract customers focus. 2. Affiliate System: I added an affiliate system feature where anyone can register as an affiliate member and promote the products of the website. This is a great tool of marketing and for getting big income. 3. Customized Theme: This website theme is customized by me so that no other design on the internet exist like that. Website is 100% unique in the look which makes this website more worthy



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